About the Laboratory

In 2024 Mexico needs to reach a participation of 35% in clean energies, this implies having a platform that allows to promote national developments in the area of renewable energy in order to create technologies and national companies that contribute with that 35%. The National Laboratory in Energy Conversion and Storage (LNCAE in Spanish) is a laboratory that integrates human resources and infrastructure in favor of the scientific and technological community of Mexico.

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Provide integral solutions for the industrial and institutional sectors through to specialized services and execution of linked projects, promoting the generation of technological developments and applications in the area of energy conversion and storage.

Also, train human resources, carry out scientific research, promote and participate in the development of standards and methods for renewable energy processes and energy sustainability, through the generation of different forms of industrial property, with high quality standards at national and international level.


Contributing at the Mexico positioning as a reference in the use of renewable energy and energy sustainability through the generation of advanced materials and technological developments, the supplying consulting and analysis services, the evaluation of energy conversion and storage processes and the characterization of materials. Our results will be achieved through interdisciplinary scientific collaboration, the training of highly qualified human resources and the availability of avant-garde laboratories infrastructure.

Quality Politics

It is the purpose of our quality policy that all the processes and services that we offer in the energy conversion and storage field are distinguished by high quality and continual improvement. Each of our activities is based on compliance with legal and regulatory standards and regulations and, above all, is aimed to satisfy the requirements of our customers and users.

We pretend continue to be a highly specialized personnel training laboratory and promoter of research in energy conversion and storage through Renewable Energy Sources.

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 Undergraduate and  Postgraduate Students Addmision  

LNCAE is interested in receiving MSc and PhD students for Thesis projects on Renewable Energy (see Research Areas section). Aspirants with basic formation as BSc or Eng. in Physics, Chemistry and related areas will be welcome Details on the Postgraduate Program and Students Eligibility are available from CICATA. The accepted students, national and from abroad, receive economical support from CONACyT through a fellowship program.

Call for Postdoc and Sabbatical Positions

Postdoc students and researchers in sabbatical stays to work in projects on Renewable Energy are welcome (see Research Areas section). CONACyT, the join TWAS- CONACyT program  the CLAF-SECITI agreement, the regional CLAF Unit on renewable energy, and other financing agencies, provide the required financial support for these research stays.


In the INCAE the students obtain training in high-tech characterization equipment, which allows them to develop knowledge and skills

 CLAF Unit

The CLAF Unit on Renewable Energy was created to stimulate the research activity in Applied Physics oriented to the energetic sustainability in Latin American countries. REMILAB participates in the coordination of this regional Unit

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