Provide integral solutions for the industrial and institutional sectors through to specialized services and execution of linked projects, promoting the generation of technological developments and applications in the area of energy conversion and storage.

Also, train human resources, carry out scientific research, promote and participate in the development of standards and methods for renewable energy processes and energy sustainability, through the generation of different forms of industrial property, with high quality standards at national and international level.


Contributing at the Mexico positioning as a reference in the use of renewable energy and energy sustainability through the generation of advanced materials and technological developments, the supplying consulting and analysis services, the evaluation of energy conversion and storage processes and the characterization of materials. Our results will be achieved through interdisciplinary scientific collaboration, the training of highly qualified human resources and the availability of avant-garde laboratories infrastructure.

Quality politics

It is the purpose of our quality policy that all the processes and services that we offer in the energy conversion and storage field are distinguished by high quality and continual improvement. Each of our activities is based on compliance with legal and regulatory standards and regulations and, above all, is aimed to satisfy the requirements of our customers and users.

We pretend continue to be a highly specialized personnel training laboratory and promoter of research in energy conversion and storage through Renewable Energy Sources.

This will be achieved through:

  • Consideration of the context of the organization and alignment of the Quality Management System with the strategic direction of the National Laboratory of Energy Conversion and Storage
  • Customer satisfaction and applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Management of the organization with the objectives for the employees and the responsibilities defined for its fulfillment.
  • Establishment, application, maintenance and continual improvement of the effectiveness of the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System.
  • Continual improvement of customer satisfaction.
  • Monitoring and application of new technologies and employee training.
  • Controlled selection of suppliers.
  • Commitment to raise the quality of electrochemical energy storage to exceed the expectations of customers.
  • To make continual improvement part of daily work.
  • Ensuring that our Policy and our Procedures Manuals reflect that we what really do.
  • Understanding how our task fits into the overall workflow of the National Laboratory of Energy Conversion and Storage
  • Permanently improve the Quality Management System in all stages, from [reception of orders, production, shipment to post-shipment activities].

The framework for the establishment of the quality objectives is defined in the Quality Manual.

The Technical Manager is responsible for communicating the Quality Policy for all people who work for the organization or on behalf of it, also making it available to the public.