Education & Meetings


The LNCAE is integrated by scientists who belong to the Academic staff of the Postgraduate Program (master and doctorate dregrees) in Advanced Technology of the CICATA of the IPN and that they are members of the National System of Researchers (SNI).

The postgraduate course is submitted in the National Register of Quality Postgraduate Programs (PNPC) recognized by CONACYT with International Competence, thanks to this, the accepted students (national and foreign) counts with financial support from CONACyT through its scholarship program. Read More

Details about the graduate program and the student eligibility are available on the CICATA website.

Our students are involved in the development of research lines with high technological impact, and also can be related to projects for the industrial sector. The knowledge generation can be reflected in international scientific publications, patents and innovations.

The LNCAE provide training in high-tech characterization equipment, which allows the development of knowledge and skills to integrate an internationally competitive curriculum vitae. All this surrounded by a multidisciplinary and multicultural working group with students of different nationalities.


 Regular Courses

The regular courses (120 hours of duration) dictated by the Group researchers belong to Postgraduate Program in Advanced Technology (MSc and PhD level) of the Center for Applied Science and Advanced Technology, Legaria Unit, of the National Polytechnic Institute:

  • Chemistry of SolidsLecturer: Ph. D Edilso Reguera
  • Spectroscopy Applied to Materials ScienceLecturer: Ph. D Edilso Reguera
  • Chemical Structure and BondingLecturer: Ph. D. Ana A. Lemus Santana
  • Physical Chemistry of Colloids and Their Applications to Nanomaterials PreparationLecturer: Ph. D. Ana A. Lemus Santana
  • Structural Analysis Using X-Ray Diffraction DataLecturer: Ph. D. Manuel Avila
  • Materials of Low DimensionLecturer: Ph. D. Manuel Avila
  • Magnetism and Magnetic MaterialsLecturer: Ph. D. Marlene Gonzalez
  • Physical Chemistry of Surfaces and InterfacesLecturer: Ph. D. Edilso Reguera 
  • Structures functionalization - Lecturer: Ph. D. Oscar Odio
  • Electochemistry - Lectures: Ph. D. Prospero Acevedo and Ph. D. Lorena Martínez
  • Catalytic Oxidation Processes - Lecture: Ph. D. Carolina Leyva



Short Courses

These are courses of about 40 hours oriented to specific subjects within the Research Group activity, usually dictated by invited or visiting researchers.




Annual International Workshop on Energy Conversion and Storage

This meeting is organized by the Research Group and it usually takes place in the second week of October with the attendance of about 80 local and foreign researchers and postgraduate students working in the areas of Energy Conversion and Storage, particularly in those areas related to renewable energy (see Research Areas section). The 5th Edition (2016) will be held in October 20 and 21 with Pre-Workshop Courses in October 19 (5thWorkshop). Information on previous Editions is available from REMILAB Workshops. This event is sponsored by IPN  and CONACyT.

 Research Group Weekly Seminar

This is the weekly meeting of the Research Group to discuss the advances in the research projects and in student thesis programs. This is also the opportunity to invite researchers from institutions and from abroad to talk us about their recent advances on materials for renewable energy and related topics.