About Us

Instituto Politécnico Nacional

Centro de Investigación en Ciencia Aplicada y Tecnología Avanzada 

The LNCAE is a part of the Center for Applied Science and Advanced Technology  (CICATA), Legaria Unit, of the National Polytechnic Institute. All the members of our research group belong to the Academic Staff of the Postgraduate Program (MSc. and Ph.D.) in Advanced Technology of this Research Center and are members of the National System of Researchers (SNI).

Our research activity is focused on New Materials and Devices for the following areas:

  • Energetic Transition (methane storage at high density for mobile technologies, conversion of methane into methanol at low temperature);
  • Solar Energy (Fuel production by Artificial Photosynthesis);
  • Hydrogen Energy (Hydrogen Production, Storage, Fuel, and Safety);  
  • Energy Storage (Sodium ion batteries, Supercapacitors);
  • Residual Energy Harvesting (conversion of mechanic and thermal energy into electric energy);
  • Carbon dioxide capture and re-utilization, including for fuel production;
  • Formation of human capital, at MSc and PhD level in Advanced Technology, within these research areas.

We are particularly interested in a strong cooperation with industrial sectors involved in renewable energy activities through join innovation projects, without discard proposal of cooperation in related areas, whenever possible considering our expertise and available laboratory facilities.  


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